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Do you know what HB 3063 is?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

-HB 3063 will potentially kick out 35,000 kids from public, private, charter, daycare, preschool, early intervention programs, school camps and after school programs and activities who are missing even ONE of the 18 vaccines on the schedule.

-Also affected are Scout meetings, Church groups with connected schools or daycares, 4H, Online Homeschool testing and assessment, field trips, extracurricular and sports activities and more. Basically any place that has a shared space with other children. - Drivers Education through a school? Not available if your child is missing even ONE of the 18 vaccines on the schedule  -Oregon would potential lose $188 million in revenue to public schools-Many private and charter and Waldorf or Montessori type of schools will close or face $244 million loss.-It will cause over 5,000 students with an IEP to lose all their speech, vocational and occupational therapy.This also has a provision to deny college students an education. This issue is about Oregon's children and their loss of access to education and socialization.   You can be Pro Vaccine and Pro Public Health and be Pro Choice about Education for all.  Even if a child is fully vaccinated, this bill gives the OHA full authority to add any new vaccines to the schedule in the future as they are looking to add the HPV in JUNE!

What can you do?

Please contact your legislator, Kate Brown, Tina Kotek the House Speaker, Senate President Peter Courtney as well as the Ways and Means Committee Members and full members of the House and the Senate.

Joint Committee On Ways and Means

Co-Chair Senator Betsy Johnson

503-986-1716 Co-Chair Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Sen.ElizabethSteinerHayward@oregonlegisla 503-986-1717 Co-Chair Representative Dan Rayfield rep.danrayfield@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1416 Co-Vice Chair Senator Jackie Winters Sen.JackieWinters@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1710 Co-Vice Chair Representative David Gomberg Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1410

Co-Vice Chair Representative Greg Smith

503-986-1457 Member Senator Lee Beyer 503-986-1706 Member Senator Lew Frederick Sen.LewFrederick@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1722 Member Senator Fred Girod Sen.FredGirod@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1709 Member Senator Bill Hansell Sen.BillHansell@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1729 Member Senator Dallas Heard sen.dallasheard@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1701 Member Senator James Manning Jr. Sen.JamesManning@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1707

Member Senator Arnie Roblan Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1705 Member Senator Chuck Thomsen Sen.ChuckThomsen@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1726 Member Senator Rob Wagner Sen.RobWagner@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1719 Member Representative Paul Holvey Rep.PaulHolvey@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1408 Member Representative Susan McLain rep.susanmclain@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1429 Member Representative Mike McLane rep.mikemclane@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1455 Member Representative Rob Nosse Rep.RobNosse@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1442

Member Representative Carla Piluso rep.carlapiluso@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1450 Member Representative Duane Stark rep.duanestark@oregonlegislature.gov503-986-1404

Staff: Legislative Fiscal Officer: Ken Rocco Deputy Legislative Fiscal Officer: Paul Siebert

To Submit Testimony:

waysandmeans.budget@oregonlegislature.g ov

List of E-mails Only:



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